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BRJ & Associates

BRJ & Associates, LLC, provides the full spectrum of program and construction management services.

Offering a unique combination of skills and knowledge, we expertly handle the myriad tasks that arise during complex planning and construction. For example, we facilitate effective educational planning, easily maneuver the hallways of Sacrament o, translate design documents clearly for faculty and staff, thoroughly evaluate each building’s constructability, ensure that contracts are tight, and closely monitor each phase of construction. Moreover, we are in the best position to help you precisely match the expertise and professional qualities of architectural firms, engineers, and contractors to the characteristics of your project.

We diligently manage the details of money, time, quality, and scope that are crucial to success.

Every institution contemplating expansion or renovation needs a knowledgeable advocate on board, preferably from the start. We are your advocate because, unlike our competitors, we have comprehensive, direct experience in all phases and from all sides of the facilities creation process. Understanding and executing the thousands of details involved in that process is at the very heart of BRJ & Associates. It’s what we do.

At BRJ & Associates, the difference is in the details.

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