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Why Choose BRJ & Associates?


The BRJ & Associates  team understand the complexities and connections between all of the pieces—an operational master plan, facilities master plan, reporting to governing and oversight boards, managing design and construction professionals, and bringing clients to occupancy. Your organization’s progress will be born of your own clear goals and our comprehensive solutions.

Building Progress

Doesn’t it boil down to progress? Your organization is looking forward and needs buildings and facilities to reflect that progress. While you dedicate your resources and staff to organizational goals, someone needs to manage the planning, design and construction of new and remodeled facilities. The right kind of help recognizes your organization’s field of operation but also avoids the one-size-fits-all approach.

Creating Comprehensive Facility Systems and Solutions

It is more than just a phrase— BRJ & Associates is founded on deep experience and a resulting commitment to systems and solutions that really work.  The creative, the time-tested, the detailed, and the global — you need facility solutions from experts who work toward your aspirations with you.  BRJ & Associates offers the right solutions.


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BRJ & Associates, LLC, was founded in 2001 by Dr. Bonnie James, who was joined two years later by his partner, Mark Edwards, AIA.

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    BRJ is dedicated to the principle of providing wise, balanced, and prudent leadership to thoroughly address the needs of our clients. The value we add is found in buildings and other capital improvements that meet all of the goals set by our clients.







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