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Since its beginning in 2001, BRJ & Associates, LLC has provided owner-agency services in the areas of Planning, Program Management, Project Management, and Construction Management. Our work includes multi-project programs and individual projects. In addition to our company’s exceptional breadth and depth of experience, we have a staff of highly trained professionals whose own breadth of expertise further expands the firm’s capabilities. We have provided thorough and effective management services to maintain project budgets, schedules, and scopes for our clients.


BRJ manages planning, design, construction, and post-construction on time-tested, effective methods while remaining alert to innovative approaches which will provide additional value to our clients’ project goals. Each BRJ team member is empowered to fully employ their own professional expertise while being held strictly accountable for deep collaboration among all project participants; we know this balance is necessary for ultimate project success. Our secret to effectively controlling the outcomes of projects is our thorough anticipation of project needs that enables our proactive guidance of all phases of project development.


BRJ has, in just a decade, amassed an enviable background of managing projects and programs to successful conclusions. Our company and each of our highly qualified staff have participated in the management of every aspect of project planning, design, procurement, construction, and post construction. Our professional qualifications in managing programs and projects makes us exceptionally well suited to provide these services with the highest possible value.


As a company, BRJ has had the honor of representing several institutional clients in their pursuit of effective facilities in the face of challenging budgets and schedules. We are thoroughly familiar with public agency work and its operational, procedural, and statutory demands. Among our most valuable experiences is the successful melding of client and BRJ personnel into effective, collaborative teams of professionals creating comprehensive facilities systems and solutions.

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    BRJ is dedicated to the principle of providing wise, balanced, and prudent leadership to thoroughly address the needs of our clients. The value we add is found in buildings and other capital improvements that meet all of the goals set by our clients.







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