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Management Approach

Time after time, BRJ & Associates has seen that our approach enhances the construction of any project through ongoing review of quality work and adherence to contract requirements. Our start-to-finish expertise is evident in the excellent record of the entire project process as well as final built-in documentation of the completed work. BRJ & Associates is your solution to organizational facility progress.

Team Building

Early, efficient, team-based work is critical to our project approach. Our experience in creating collaboration among every constituency category gives us a dramatic advantage in moving work forward.

Program Assessment and Strategies

We analyze each project’s physical and systems environment along with the client’s history leading up to our involvement. Our principals put their deep understanding of organizational structure, personnel, and the overlay of construction projects directly to work for each client.

Bidding and Construction Planning

Any projects not yet successfully bid are our first targets, and construction activity is planned immediately for those with assigned contractors. BRJ & Associates takes the lead in minimizing disruption of site operations while maximizing work efficiency. Contractor use of the site, safe segregation of construction activity, and impact on surrounding neighborhoods are all critical concerns in our approach.


A construction program can have no higher goal than the safe execution of work. BRJ & Associates implements safety education with client staff to raise awareness of inherent dangers during construction, and we hold each contractor rigidly accountable for safe operations.

Progress Review and Reporting

Our project managers are familiar with daily activities on each program site. They monitor the planning and progress of construction, the architect’s appropriate responses to questions and submittals, and the team’s adherence to responsibilities. Clear, weekly meeting minutes provide a report of all progress with accompanying materials to communicate current and projected conditions of scope, schedule and cost.

Cost Controls Procedures

Any project faces the possibility of changing costs. BRJ & Associates uses a proven approach to guarding the client’s best interests:

  • Project Change Log – daily categorizing and tracking of each potential contract change issue as it arises

  • Systematic Change Evaluation – architect and construction manager review, detailed cost ratification and full team buy-in

  • Regular Reporting – step-by-step information for the client about any potential liability in both cost and schedule, including design, local agency and inspection costs

Schedule Controls

BRJ & Associates requires that contractors submit “Three-Week Look-Ahead Schedules” on each project. These documents articulate the contractor’s planned work for the following period and give us the best opportunity to anticipate questions or problems. While schedule changes may occur, we are diligent in pursuing schedule compliance by all project participants.

Quality Controls

The project’s architect bears the primary responsibility for ensuring quality of executed construction. Matching contract documents in quality is a top priority, and our team pays particular attention to the contractor’s operations as they relate to ongoing site operations.

Project Close-Out

We anticipate project close-out approximately half way into project construction. Ours is not a typical approach to this phase, but the proper documentation and planning for the end of a project is rarely achieved when it is not begun well in advance.

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    BRJ is dedicated to the principle of providing wise, balanced, and prudent leadership to thoroughly address the needs of our clients. The value we add is found in buildings and other capital improvements that meet all of the goals set by our clients.







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