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Alhambra Unified School District

Straight Forward Program Management

BRJ laid out a program management plan that would provide straightforward program management services to facilitate the Bond projects. As an agent of the District, BRJ provided each component of management from planning through construction.


Under the Measure C Bond program, BRJ managed the Alhambra Unified School District’s capital improvement program. With revenues from general obligation Bonds, state capital improvement funds, and other district capital funds, the District expanded and improved facilities on four campuses, projects included: a sports complex, five new buildings, and significant modernization of existing buildings.


Campus logistics: coordinating contract scope of work with occupancy of teachers and students; softball field redesign after award of contract; science wing modernization and teacher relocation into new buildings; state budget creating constraints; soil remediation; “Engineering” our Adherence to Budgets; using established priorities to choose project components; using bid alternatives to provide “awardable” projects; and understanding every possible existing condition – Fewer Surprises! 

BRJ's project role

Planning, Program Management,  Project Management, and Construction Management

Program value

$120 million

Program completion date

August 2011

Construction type      

new / modernization & restortation / interiors / site improvements


Planning:  BRJ & Associates, LLC

Program Manager:  BRJ & Associates, LLC 

Project Manager:  BRJ & Associates, LLC 

Construction Manager:  BRJ & Associates, LLC

Architect:  Multiple

Contractor:  Multiple

Agency: Division of State Architect (DSA)

Alhambra Unified School District
Alhambra, CA

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