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Compton Community College District

Success is in the Details

At Compton Community College District, the bond program went from bumpy to tumultuous when the campus administration changed twice during our tenure. It was the meticulous and detailed record keeping system that ensured continuity in the maintenance of budget and financial system records and processes. When the Bond Auditor reviewed the financial statements, BRJ was praised for our clear and detailed trail of procurement and expenditures. BRJ successfully navigated the twist and turns that new leadership entailed by standing firm in our core belief that the details will make the difference between success and failure.


A capital improvement program employing revenues from General Obligation Bonds, State Capital Improvement funding and other District capital funds. The program includes 1 campus, 3 new buildings, 9 building modernization projects, campus equipment & technology upgrades, and significant utility infrastructure to the campus.

BRJ's project role

Planners, Program and Project Manager

Program value

$150 million

Program completion date

February 2008

Construction type      

new construction / modernization & restortation / interiors / site development


Planning:  BRJ & Associates, LLC

Program Manager:  BRJ & Associates, LLC / Vanir

Project Manager:  BRJ & Associates, LLC / Vanir

Construction Manager:  Multiple

Architect:  Multiple

Contractor:  Multiple

Agency: Division of State Architect (DSA)

Compton Community College District
Compton, CA

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