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Infrastructure & Site Improvements

New Energy Management System and Utility Infrastructure Improvements

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The infrastructure project at Compton College provided utilities preparation for several future projects. BRJ knew that the on time completion of this scope of work was therefore going to be critical to the overall master schedule. We made it a priority to expedite the programming, design and agency approval to provide as much float and cushion in the schedule as possible. It was BRJ’s construction management experience in our role as program managers that proved to be an invaluable addition to this project.


Modernization of existing central plant, including new energy management system for central control of energy-using systems at existing and future campus facilities and utility infrastructure improvements include the modernization of of 100 LF of domestic water piping with new construction of 200 LF of hot and chilled distribution lines, 200 LF of sewer piping, and 200 LF of high voltage electrical encasement.

BRJ’s Project Role

Planners, Program and Project Manager    

Project value

$8 million

Project completion date

January 2003 to September 2006

Construction type      



Planners: BRJ & Associates, LLC

Program manager: BRJ & Associates, LLC / Vanir

Project manager: BRJ & Associates, LLC / Vanir

Construction manager: Multiple

Architect: Multiple

Contractor: Multiple

Agency: Division of State Architect (DSA)


Compton Community College District

Compton, CA

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