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Infrastructure & Site Improvements

Peninsula Development

Moving a mountain is part of the job

The third phase of infrastructure work was going to develop the campus’ eastern edge, the Peninsula. In essence, we were going to have to move a mountain of dirt to lay emergency access roads and underground utilities. But when you move a mountain of dirt, you also have to move a mountain of paperwork! Extensive mass excavation required continuous soils inspection, storm water pollution control, and associated documentation. BRJ worked with the Construction Managers during closeout of the project to effectively archive all project documents, and in the end, moved two mountains.


Provides general site preparation for future campus projects were in three major areas of the campus:

  • new development at the campus’ eastern edge, referred to as the Peninsula
  • completion of perimeter service and emergency access road
  • new development area at the campus’ northern edge – pending Community Recreation Facility

The scope of work in these three areas was similar, and included:

  • mass grading
  • new & upgraded storm drainage systems
  • new road construction
  • road lighting
  • hardscape, landscape & irrigation
  • Peninsula service road upgrades including widening service road to existing Performing Arts Center
  • utility corridor construction for Peninsula – water, power, gas, sewer, communications, chilled & hot water
  • campus utility corridor construction – water, power, gas, sewer, communications, chilled & hot water, landscape & irrigation, hardscape, site iighting
  • parking lot


This was an operating community college campus during the construction of this project which involved significant disruption to the normal pedestrian and vehicular paths in the middle of the campus.  The work of our team included management of the design process aimed at providing both design effectiveness along with logistical planning that would enable the campus to continue its daily activities with the minimum disruption and the maximum safety. 

The extensive mass grading of areas of the campus previously undeveloped required extensive coordination of study and compliance activities related to environmental protection. Additionally, increased agency requirements for storm water pollution protection required the Kitchell/BRJ Team to work diligently with those agencies and the entire project team to ensure the campus’ compliance with these regulations.

BRJ’s project role

Planners, Program and Project Managers

Project value

$11 million

Project completion date

October 2010

Construction type

new construction / site improvements


Planners:  Kitchell/BRJ

Program Manager:  Kitchell/BRJ

Project Manager:  Kitchell/BRJ

Construction Manager:  Tilden-Coil Contractors

Architect:  Steinberg Architects

Contractor:  Champion Electric

Agency:  Division of State Architect (DSA)

Crafton Hills College
San Bernardino Community College District
San Bernardino, CA

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