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Master Planning

A master plan to succeed

When the San Gabriel Unified School District determined the growth of their district was going to have to be defined, BRJ was selected as master planners. Working closely with the administration, faculty, staff and Board to help define their program, we helped the District determine the future direction of their program, educational goals and objectives and also developed a plan for allocation of their resources. While BRJ played no management role in the design process or construction process, we planted the seeds that have already taken root to grow into comprehensive facilities as their bond program enters the next phase of development.


BRJ assisted the District administration, faculty, staff and Board with developing a process for defining its strategic direction, and making decisions on allocating resources to pursue its educational goals and objectives. The resulting information from this process is being used in the development of an Educational Master Plan, and supported the need for a construction bond election.

Responsibilities included:

  • Led the Board of Education in developing a final set of District Strategic Directions
  • Tranlated Strategic Directions into sound action plans
  • Developed the District Educational Master Plans

BRJ’s project role


Project completion date

October 2009

San Gabriel Unified School District
San Gabriel, CA


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