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Infrastructure & Site Improvements

Site Preparation

How do you add value when you are deleting design elements?

The fifth phase of infrastructure work prepared the east edge of the campus for the future Community Resource Facility and swimming pool. The substructure design of driven piles for the pool was going to be noisy and expensive. BRJ spearheaded value engineering efforts to implement an alternative substructure design of excavation to bedrock with engineered fill that ultimately saved the client almost a million dollars. BRJ’s management proved to be extremely valuable to the client indeed.


Provides site preparation for the future development of a Community Recreation Facility and Athletic Field Improvements.  The scope of the project included:

  • Mass Grading
  • Mass Excavation & Re-compaction
  • Drainage Swale and Storm Channels
  • Drainage Culvert for Existing Campus Access Road
  • Finish Grading


The original design of the project involved extensive use of drilled piles for the support of the new swimming pool and support facilities.  Through the strong value engineering efforts of the Kitchell/BRJ Team, we were able to implement an alternate design or excavation and re-compaction that saved the District nearly $750k of construction costs.

The extensive mass grading of areas of the campus previously undeveloped required extensive coordination of study and compliance activities related to environmental protection.  Additionally, increased agency requirements for storm water pollution protection required the Kitchell/BRJ Team to work diligently with those agencies and the entire project team to ensure the campus’ compliance with these regulations.

BRJ’s project role

Planners, Program and Project Managers

Project value

$3 million

Project completion date

October 2010

Construction type

new construction / site improvements


Planners:  Kitchell/BRJ

Program Manager:  Kitchell/BRJ

Project Manager:  Kitchell/BRJ

Construction Manager:  Tilden-Coil Contractors

Architect:  Steinberg Architects

Contractor:  Multi-Prime

Agency:  Division of State Architect (DSA)

Crafton Hills College
San Bernardino Community College District
San Bernardino, CA

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